Netropolitan :

2019-02-27 07:07:06

THIS Christmas, prove to your friends and relatives that you are an unrepentant technogeek and send them a computerised Christmas card over the Net. The benefits are threefold: there is no last posting date, you do not need a stamp and you’ve probably already got all their addresses on file. As an extra bonus, there is no danger that your card will return next year as a gift tag on a present. For a free animated Christmas card complete with sounds, have a look around the selection on offer at the Blue Mountain site at Once personalised with a message, the cards are e-mailed to the recipient. The alternative is to create your own card. The file on the site at is a DOS program that lets you build your own card from a selection of pictures and text styles. The results can be saved to disc or e-mailed direct to your granny’s PC. If that’s too much trouble, there are firms that will do it all for you. The gnomes at http: